Diamond Resin Bond

Polishing and or grinding concrete or other exterior floors is made easy by using Diamond Resin Bond plates which are secured to singular or multiple heads and rotate in a circular motion. The tools’ bonding material is mainly resin powder. An example of this tool is the resin-bonded diamond polishing pads used in the construction industry. The heads are fully enclosed for safety and a dust extraction port provides dust free operation. Diamond Resin Bond grinding tools are made by using diamonds as the abrasive and resin powder as the adhesive, and by adding certain fillers or powders. 

There are distinct advantages in the Diamond Resin Bond process, and there are numerous plates from which to select.  In the use of Diamond Resin Bond you may have heard of the use of a high quality or particular diamond known as StoneOlogy Diamonds.  These kinds of diamonds are designed to meet whatever need may arise be it coating removal, surface prep, or grinding, honing, and polishing concrete.

If you wish to achieve a flawless edge of cut without edge fractures, and after a few hours of working in the space you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that reaching for a resin-bonded lateral cutting disc is a better option and much more cost-efficient and have certain advantages. Diamond Resin Bond grinding is highly efficient and has good self sharpening; the temperature is low which means the process is not subject to blocking, burning, or other forms of damage or pitting in the polishing and grinding process.  In the Diamond Resin Bond the elasticity is high and that will help to improve the roughness of the workpiece’s surface. Keep that in mind when considering fine grinding, half-fine grinding, sharpening and polishing. Show more Show more

Diamond tools with resin bond systems can be effective in both dry and wet grinding of most surfaces, and this action produces more uniform wheel wear, more uniform grinding rates, and more consistently fine surface finishes. Enough of the technical advantages, let’s mention a few advantages for the professional.  The Diamond Resin Bond process will greatly increase the work efficiency, and improve the workers’ labor environment, decreasing the product’s labor intensity.  The processing cost of each workpiece is lower, and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time of the day to do the things you want and still be cost efficient on the job.  Needless to say that the deployment of Diamond Resin Bond technology will make grinding and polish all materials more efficient, and get you home for dinner on time.




About stonekor

"Solid to the KOR." With old traditional values, David R. Walker and JR Haines have returned to the industries they were instrumental in building. EAGLE by STONEKOR couples industry experts with the leadership and vision that changed the floor care industry 25 years ago with the best propane equipment on the market. Our designers revolutionized the concrete polishing market by cutting the cord 5 years ago. Key to the roll out of the new EAGLE by STONEKOR product line is structuring a solid personnel core founded on experience in the real world. EAGLE by STONEKOR will provide innovative equipment to the Concrete Grinding & Polishing industry, while continuing to build the industry's most practical and durable Burnishers. We invite you to get to know STONEKOR – who we are and what we are all about.

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