Cement Dyes and Polished Concrete Floors

Eagle by Stonekor has been working with different types of flooring for decades. We know that there are numerous reasons why cement flooring is a very practical choice for many factories and businesses. It is inexpensive, extremely durable, and it does not require regular maintenance. But what about the way it looks? Luckily, cement flooring is also very customizable. With the use of  one of Eagle by Stonekor’s concrete polishing machines and our beautiful concrete dyes, a lackluster cement floor can be transformed into something that is unique and beautiful.

Our StoneOlogy Concrete Dyes come in a variety of colors. They range from warm golds and browns to calm blues and greens to different shades of gray. These fast-drying and easy-to-apply dyes can be used to create distinctive patterns and images including business logos and personalized designs.

StoneOlogy Concrete Dyes are available with both water based and VOC exempt acetone as the carrying agent. Water based dyes are environmentally safe and durable. Many concrete dyes contain VOCs or volatile organic compounds, which can combine with certain other environmental compounds to form ground-level ozone, also known as smog. However, the VOC exempt acetone available as the carrying agent in some StoneOlogy Concrete Dyes is one of the few compounds of its kind that does not contribute to the public health and environmental hazard that is smog.

Concrete flooring is not just for warehouses or factories anymore. Dyed and polished concrete floors look great in business such as restaurants, car dealerships, and grocery stores. Dyed concrete flooring is also a popular flooring option among large, high-traffic buildings such as schools, museums, hospitals, and malls because of its durability, ease of cleaning, and professional look. Dyed concrete flooring is also an increasingly popular option for residential buildings since they can be customized to be very decorative and artistic.

Concrete flooring should not be stained until it has been properly prepared. It is important to remember that the surface variations of the concrete often end up being visible through the dye depending on the color and the kind of pattern you choose. Frequently, for cement floors, a good cleaning will be enough to ensure that the cement flooring is ready to be dyed. For older, rougher cement floors, it might be necessary to grind away some of the cracks and other defects that occur over time and with frequent use. A fast and easy way to get an attractive-looking polished concrete floor with StoneOlogy dyes is by using Eagle by Stonekor’s G&P One grinder and polisher. For more expansive grinding and polishing jobs, using Eagle by Stonekor’s larger Stone Extreme is a great way to help you save time. The propane-powered and cordless design of our equipment is safe and convenient to use. We also offer the concrete diamonds used to prepare a cement floor for color application.

Customers can always trust Eagle by Stonekor grinders, polishers, and diamonds and StoneOlogy Concrete Dyes to perform in the way that they need them to.


About stonekor

"Solid to the KOR." With old traditional values, David R. Walker and JR Haines have returned to the industries they were instrumental in building. EAGLE by STONEKOR couples industry experts with the leadership and vision that changed the floor care industry 25 years ago with the best propane equipment on the market. Our designers revolutionized the concrete polishing market by cutting the cord 5 years ago. Key to the roll out of the new EAGLE by STONEKOR product line is structuring a solid personnel core founded on experience in the real world. EAGLE by STONEKOR will provide innovative equipment to the Concrete Grinding & Polishing industry, while continuing to build the industry's most practical and durable Burnishers. We invite you to get to know STONEKOR – who we are and what we are all about.

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