Why Consider Polished Concrete for my Home?

This is probably one of the most common questions asked of concrete polishing companies who use Eagle by Stonekor products. You may walk into a grocery store and marvel at the clean, gleaming floors polished by StoneOlogy Diamond grain technology but not think of doing something like this in your home. These days it is not uncommon for private residences to get in on the concrete polishing fun! Eagle by Stonekor’s Propane finishes are not just for businesses anymore. More and more people are choosing to finish their basements with a beautiful concrete polish in a variety of Eagle by Stonekor colors and imprints. Looking for a cool way to finish your kitchen floors? Eagle by Stonekor Propane concrete polishers are just what you are looking for! Eagle by Stonekor’s Propane Polishers have been perfect for businesses like grocery stores, airplane hangars, skate parks, and huge retail stores for years. Polished concrete becomes a real conversation piece when your guests walk into your kitchen or basement bar area and see your football team logo or family crest imprinted into the concrete in colorful dyes that pop and perfectly match the décor.


Not only does Eagle by Stonekor provide equipment that ensures your concrete polishing will be beautiful, it’s great for protection. No more worrying about scuffing hardwood floors, spills are cleaned up effortlessly, and the kids can draw all over the glossy finish of your polished concrete without fear of replacement bills. Decorate your beautiful concrete polished floors with area rugs and no more worrying about sliding furniture across them! No more back breaking work lifting and pulling desks and home entertainment centers. Simply slide your furniture into place! Re-arrange as often as you like with no fear of ruining your beautiful polished concrete floors.


Eagle by Stonekor offers only the best in propane concrete grinding and polishing equipment to their customers. So call a company that uses Eagle by Stonekor today and expect only the best for your home and your family. Wow your guests with a smooth concrete polished floor that you will enjoy for years to come.




About stonekor

"Solid to the KOR." With old traditional values, David R. Walker and JR Haines have returned to the industries they were instrumental in building. EAGLE by STONEKOR couples industry experts with the leadership and vision that changed the floor care industry 25 years ago with the best propane equipment on the market. Our designers revolutionized the concrete polishing market by cutting the cord 5 years ago. Key to the roll out of the new EAGLE by STONEKOR product line is structuring a solid personnel core founded on experience in the real world. EAGLE by STONEKOR will provide innovative equipment to the Concrete Grinding & Polishing industry, while continuing to build the industry's most practical and durable Burnishers. We invite you to get to know STONEKOR – who we are and what we are all about.

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