Eagle By Stonekor and the Environment

Eagle by Stonekor’s innovative propane-powered burnishing and grinding machines free from cumbersome cords are among the safest and easiest to use in the industry. Eagle by Stonekor also attracts loyal customers because we are dedicated to providing them with quality floor care equipment while also helping to protect the environment and the health of operators. We do this by ensuring that all of our equipment meets strict environmental and emissions standards. All Eagle by Stonekor equipment is EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board) certified for having safe levels of exhaust emissions. In addition, all Eagle by Stonekor machines come with an Emissions Shutdown System built into them. This system shuts the machinery off automatically if emission levels change drastically and before they reach a dangerous level.

Propane itself is an inexpensive fuel that is also environmentally innocuous, so consumers do not have to feel guilty about supporting the propane industry. Propane is a safe fuel that burns very cleanly and contributes very little to air pollution. Propane is not harmful to aquatic ecosystems or soils if it is accidently spilled. If it comes in contact with drinking water, it does not compromise the water quality. Propane vapor is not harmful if it is accidently inhaled by humans or animals. Another aspect of propane that makes it environmentally friendly is that it is a by-product of other manufacturing processes, so no additional energy is expended to produce it.

Through the willing efforts of all of us here at Eagle by Stonekor, consumers can rest assured that our propane-powered pieces of machinery are safe to use indoors, provided that they are operated according to regulations and instructions by qualified individuals. Eagle by Stonekor propane machinery also utilizes a three-way catalytic muffler system that captures any harmful emissions due to propane combustion and neutralizes them into harmless compounds (CO & HC + NOX → CO2 & H20 & N2).

If you are particularly concerned about harmful emissions negatively affecting the health of those who inhabit the work environment and the health of our environment, you may be especially interested in Eagle by Stonekor’s Enviro Pro Series and Dust Control Series. We feel sure that customers will appreciate built-in features of our equipment such as our innovative air funnel system that collects and filters any dust and debris emitted during use.

At Eagle by Stonekor, we care you and your world.


About stonekor

"Solid to the KOR." With old traditional values, David R. Walker and JR Haines have returned to the industries they were instrumental in building. EAGLE by STONEKOR couples industry experts with the leadership and vision that changed the floor care industry 25 years ago with the best propane equipment on the market. Our designers revolutionized the concrete polishing market by cutting the cord 5 years ago. Key to the roll out of the new EAGLE by STONEKOR product line is structuring a solid personnel core founded on experience in the real world. EAGLE by STONEKOR will provide innovative equipment to the Concrete Grinding & Polishing industry, while continuing to build the industry's most practical and durable Burnishers. We invite you to get to know STONEKOR – who we are and what we are all about.

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