Eagle By Stonekor: Diamond Tooling

A popular saying is “You got to get it started if you want to get it done.”  The concrete floor finishing business is no different.  The smallest or largest job all have a starting point.  The first thing that needs to be done is a deep strip of the area.  This removes existing coatings and gets the floor ready for future tasks.

Eagle by Stonekor has a large selection of Diamond Tooling that fits your needs.   We offer the longest lasting diamond tooling in the business. Whether it’s coating removal bonds, metal bonds, or resin bonds, we have all that you will require.  Our diamonds assist you with coating removal, surface prep, grinding, honing, and polishing concrete.

We feature the Eagle Tracker 3000 Strip Machine.  For use with your diamond tooling, this product has two 16” counter rotating brushes that cut a 30” path through your project.  The Eagle Tracker 3000 has foam filled tires and a low profile 4” deck.  Available with either a Kawasaki or Robin engine, this machine has an engine speed of 3450 rpm which allows you to easily remove multiple layers of old floor finishes.

Grinding and polishing is easy with the LX-30.  A propane powered grinder and polisher, this one weighs 700 pounds.  It has an 8 gallon water tank for use with wet applications and two vacuum ports for dust collecting when working with a dry application. The LX-30 has an enclosed grinding deck and a non-marking splash guard.  It has a 22 hp Subaru Robin engine that delivers plenty of power. 

Another one of our products is the G&P One. At 1,300 pounds, it practically screams heavy duty. This machine is both a grinder and a polisher which greatly simplifies your job since you only need one machine.  The G&P One is equipped with three 13” rotating heads and enough power to satisfy your grinding needs.  It features an 11 gallon water tank for use on your wet grind and a vacuum hose mounted to the machine that helps with dust elimination on your dry polishes.

You can put the finishing touches on your project with a device we call The Classic Edge. As well as a 13 inch grinding path, this machine features a three way adjustable head that allows you to get within ¼  of an inch to walls and other obstacles for a professional quality result.  The Classic Edge also has a vacuum port that helps with the dust generated by the concrete.

Dust is a definitely problem on the work site and we have a solution: the SK300 vacuum.  This vacuum has a 17 hp Kawasaki propane powered engine and a 9 gallon collection tank.  It lasts for 6 hours on a single tank of propane and is the perfect companion to the G&P one.  It is the ideal size for two walk behind grinders.  This industrial vacuum is both powerful and well built.

From start to finish, Eagle by Stonekor has you covered with the best products on the market.



About stonekor

"Solid to the KOR." With old traditional values, David R. Walker and JR Haines have returned to the industries they were instrumental in building. EAGLE by STONEKOR couples industry experts with the leadership and vision that changed the floor care industry 25 years ago with the best propane equipment on the market. Our designers revolutionized the concrete polishing market by cutting the cord 5 years ago. Key to the roll out of the new EAGLE by STONEKOR product line is structuring a solid personnel core founded on experience in the real world. EAGLE by STONEKOR will provide innovative equipment to the Concrete Grinding & Polishing industry, while continuing to build the industry's most practical and durable Burnishers. We invite you to get to know STONEKOR – who we are and what we are all about.

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